We use parts from some of the best manufactures in the business. If you have a repair that requires replacement or you would like to upgrade an existing part we would be glad to order it for you.

However, we suggest that you first check with us to ensure the part you need is compatible with your instruments specifications. If you would like to order the parts yourself feel free to use the links we have provided.

Featured Supplier:

Floyd Rose
Taylor Guitars
PRS Guitars
Dean Guitars
Gretsch Guitars
Guild Guitars
Chafin Custom Guitars
Bedell Guitars
Babicz Full Contact Hardware
Graph Tech
L.R. Baggs Acoustic Pickups
Seymour Duncan Pickups
EMG Pickups
Lollar Pickups
Bartolini Pickups
Lace Pickups
Luthiers Supply
Aguilar Amplification
Moe Colors Guitar Finishes
Wilkins Custom Guitars and Finishes
WD Music Products